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D+M Alumni featured in Getting to Know the Middleman

December 8, 2016 - December 17, 2016
December 8, 2016
: Opening time: 6-8pm

Featuring Liat Berdugo (DM12), Mimi Cabell (Faculty) + Jason Huff (DM11), Cristobal Cea Sanchez (2012), Kai Franz, Elisa Giardina Papa (DM13), Kurt Ralske (Former D+M Faculty, and Clement Valla (DM12)

Despite living in an era heralded as a period of mass dis-intermediation, the middleman is more present than ever. The middleman has become a murky apparatus that surrounds us and shapes modes of production and artmaking, social relationships, and forms of labor. But how can we know the ways in which the middleman operates? How do we get to know his agenda?

The artists in the show engage with these questions through a variety of strategies and practices. The artworks presented in Getting to know the Middleman maintain deliberately ambiguous responses to the middleman, neither embracing nor condemning the apparatus within which we find ourselves enmeshed. The artists here acknowledge the paradox of their position and opt for a self-conscious push and play, and a critical closeness by getting to know the middleman.


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