The Department of Digital + Media
Rhode Island School of Design

Jan Mun (DM10) Profile US: Invasive Species

July 16, 2017 - August 27, 2017
July 29, 2017
: Opening time: 2:00 pm
D+M Alumni Jan Mun’s Sunroom Project combines digital and living media to explore the female immigrant experience, expanding her ProfileUS: Invasive Species. Using the lenses of art, technology and biopolitics, this series looks at the interconnections between humans and other species who have migrated to the U.S. and are adapting to their environment. Mun’s installation includes several components: Model Citizen: Assimilation, consisting of seed envelopes of non-native plants packaged as U.S. green cards; Swarm: American Snapshots, featuring historical photos of Asian Americans; and an interactive Wardian Case that plays audio recordings of the laughter of Asian women. Each case contains non-native weed plants, found at Wave Hill, to tell a story of migration.
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