The Department of Digital + Media
Rhode Island School of Design


March 22, 2014 - April 27, 2014

Opening: Saturday, March 22nd, 5-7PM /// 7-1AM

Umberto Crenca, longtime Providence-based artist and founder / Artistic Director of AS220, exhibits all new work at Pawtucket’s Machines with Magnets. “PUZZLED: ODE (OWED) TO CHANNING?” is Crenca’s first exhibition in well over two years. The show opens on Saturday, March 22nd and will run through Sunday, April 27th.

Described by the artist as “the middle of endless purge” of “socio-political mear” (look that one up), the exhibition centers around over twenty new mixed media paintings that incorporate themes from copyright to capital punishment and abortion to marijuana. Presented in a surrealistic manner, these works run the gamut from light-hearted to nightmarish — but always with a presence of cutting humor in the background.

Also present will be an array of handmade politically-themed peace flags, Crenca’s Mobile Urban Gentrification Unit, AND MORE.

An artist-signed puzzle edition of one the paintings, which was engineered and laser-cut by Larry Zagorsky at the AS220 Labs, will be available for purchase.

The opening reception happens on Saturday, March 22nd beginning at 5pm. A wide variety of performances (all free) will follow at 7pm, featuring:
Your host Richard Royer
Islands (performance art)
Jared Paul (spoken word)
Cyrus Leddy (storytelling with live sound effects)
Monkeehead (a “carnivalesque network of cannibal sounds from galactic jungles and gear-powered mountains, where space cowboys powwow with witchdoctors”)
King Rahnu (DJ and dance party)

Gallery hours during March and April are by appointment through Machines with Magnets.