The Department of Digital + Media
Rhode Island School of Design

D+M Visiting Artist Series: Sal Randolph

Sal Randolph lives in New York and produces independent art projects involving internet-mediated gift economies, social architectures and one-on-one interactions. She is the founder of Opsound, an open sound exchange of copyleft music ( Other recent projects include The Free Biennial ( and Free Manifesta ( which brought together several hundred artists in open shows of free art in the public spaces of New York and Frankfurt am Main, Germany, as well as Free Words ( in which 3000 copies of a free book have been infiltrated into bookstores and libraries worldwide by a network of volunteers. Her recent project Free Press created an open access publishing house at Röda Sten Contemporary Art Space in Göteborg, Sweden. She is currently developing work in the areas of experiential and participatory art including a series of works where she gives away money. She works with sound as situationalaudio and as a member of the band Weapons of Mass Destruction, and she is also part of the psychogeographical artist network, Glowlab.