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Rhode Island School of Design

Neil Salley

Musée Patamécanique

The Musée Patamécanique—aka The Museum of Patamechanics—is a hybrid institution designed to provide a forum for exploring the meaning and possibilities of patamechanics. The museum opened its doors to the general public for tours on the anniversary of St. Sphincter, the 25th day of HAhA, 134 E.P. and has delighted countless visitors ever since.

Secretly located in Bristol, Rhode Island, Musée Patamécanique is part of the culture of the Wunderkammer, or the Cabinets of Curiosities, and is rumored to open its doors to friends, colleagues and the occasional curiosity seeker from early spring to late fall. The museum does not offer much in the way of highbrow objects d’art—nor are the exhibits that fill its halls presented with the intention to explain or to simplify anything. A tour of the Musée has been said to resemble a “two bit phantasmagoria show,” an “exhibition of bachelor machines” and an “intellectual hall of mirrors.” Still others say that Musée Patamécanique does not exist!

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