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Class of ’13 Alumnus Liat Berdugo – Military Powerpoint Karaoke


Class of ’13 Alumnus Liat Berdugo is hosting a social event in San Francisco tomorrow: Tuesday, March 6th at 300 Funston Ave, San Francisco, California.


From the promo:

If you’re in the Bay Area, I hope you can join in for Military Powerpoint Karaoke tomorrow: a night of “Powerpoint Karaoke” (no singing required) at the Internet Archive headquarters using presentations in the Military Industrial Powerpoint Complex collection at — Powerpoints that were thoughtfully extracted during the Internet Archive’s most recent end-of-term web crawl. My partner Charlie Macquarie and I co-conceived of and will be emceeing this event. We’re thrilled to have Rick Prelinger, creator of Lost Landscapes and Prelinger Archive, and Avery Trufelman of 99% Invisible, joining us to deliver headlining Powerpoint decks. The rest of the presentations will be delivered by y’all — the audience members. As a whole, this event forms a unique snapshot into our government’s Military Industrial Complex.

Military Powerpoint Karaoke
Tuesday, March 6th at 6:30pm
Internet Archive Headquarters
300 Funston Ave, SF, CA