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The Spatial Audio Studio


The Spatial Audio Studio is officially open! Come and visit for a workshop or gain access by joining a class!

Learn more about it here:

Located in room M11 at the Mezzanine level of 15 West, the spatial audio studio is a purpose-built, acoustically treated room featuring a 25.4 channel sound system and a flexible seminar area with additional audiovisual support. The sound system consists of an array of 25 independently-addressable, full-range speakers in a hemisphere configuration, accompanied by 4 subwoofers. The primary way of working with the array is through audio programming languages and digital audio software. A central computer workstation joined with audio network interfaces provides connectivity throughout the room, I/O expansion, and the main interface for composition, design, and performance. A variety of spatial audio techniques are supported, including high order ambisonics, vector-based amplitude panning, multichannel surround, and 3D audio for immersive media.