The Department of Digital + Media
Rhode Island School of Design

Vivian Charlesworth


This is my model of the universe: macrocosmos alive within microcosms, paradise in a simple natural gesture, forever in a moment, and a moment in forever. Words, these symbols on paper, these guttural sounds that squeeze through the human throat, capture the vast beauty and tragedy of the earth as well as that which lies beyond.


This thesis is an attempt to write the sweetest song I have ever heard, to capture the deepest depths of sorrow, to take the reader into the middle of my narrative, to inhabit with me the place of my broken heart, the ecstasy of summer’s day, and the constellations of my own perceived universe.

In the end, the path diverges into the history books, challenging us to try to discern what is fact and fiction, what is important and what is superfluous.